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Check out all the free stuff we have! We at Split Leaf Web Design realize how important it is to keep your computer, passwords and sensitive information safe from on-line hack attacks. This is why we provide these links below to free computer security software. They have been tried and proven over the years to be top security software, and are highly rated with various well known sites, such as C-Net & PC Magazine, and the upside is that all are free. You say FREE? There must be a catch... No, the only catch is that if you want support with some of the software, you may have to buy the supported version, but all of these software are so easy to use, tech support is not needed. You can't beat names like Ad-Aware and Comodo, at any price.

Did I mention they are FREE? Yea, I can't believe it either, I also can't believe how well they've worked for me, I have used them all for over 4 years now and can easily say AVG beats Nortons any day, and I have never seen a better Firewall than the Free Comodo. Comodo is also a One-Stop-Shop with complete computer security, Free Firewall, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware! But I will happily stay with my AVG for now.

Free Computer Security

Free Ad-Aware Anti-Spyware Software

Spybot Free Anti-Spyware

Free Comodo Firewall Protection

Free Complete Comodo PC Security

RoboForm 2GO Keep Passwords safe from I.D. Thieves

RoboForm Manual

Free E-mail Encryption

Encrypt E-mail Free-Support $5.00 extra

Do it Yourself Reformat XP Instructions

Do it Yourself Reformat Vista Instructions


















Free Browser Downloads

Free Internet Explorer 7

Free Firefox Browser

Free Opera Browser

Free Safari Browser

Other Free Stuff
Free Goggle Tool Bar

Free Google Earth

Free Yahoo Tool Bar

Google Sidebar Gadgets

Free Photo Edit Software

Free Website Submissions

Free Google Submission

Free Yahoo Submission

Free MSN Submission

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