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Why promote a web site?
What good is pouring money into a web site if no one can find it, or see what you offer? Split Leaf Web Design knows how to optimize your web pages to catch the search engine's attention so they can easily find and list your web site. Within a month you will be able to Google your name or the name of your company and find your site easily. It's a slow process with all the other web sites competing for the same positions on the search engine's list, but within 6 months to a year you should have high enough ranking to find your web site in a generic search of your search words.

What are search engines looking for?
First your site has to be submitted to the search engines so they know to look for your web site.

  • Then they look for the amount of traffic coming to your web site.
  • Another is the amount of content your web site has to offer.
  • Search words & phrases also hold a great deal of weight

How does Split Leaf Web Design promote your web site?
Split Leaf will submit your web site to all the world wide search engines once a month, and not just to Google, Yahoo and MSN, but ALL the search engines. Many must be submitted by hand because they...like Google & Yahoo don't accept automated submissions, this service is included in the Monthly Service Plan for no extra charge. If you would like this service added to your hosting package then it would be an extra $8.00 a month.

We research and use the most optimum search words for your business or service so that your target market can easily find you. It is very important to do this early on, so that the search words and phrases are established before your search ranking goes up, changes after that could prove disastrous.

Split Leaf Web Design doesn't stop at simply optimizing a web site for search engines and monthly submissions, this is just the beginning. Split Leaf Design has many tried and proven tools that can bring traffic and attract search engine's attention to your web site. Split Leaf Web Design also has a growing network family of web sites we can use to help promote your web site with.

But generating traffic to your web site falls on your shoulders as well. You can start by printing business cards with your contact info and web domain on it and passing them out as you normally would. Also have your web domain and other contact information added to your Yellow Page Ad if you have one. Any place you can think of to post your web domain where people will find it will help bring traffic to your web site. With more traffic to your web site, search engines give you a higher ranking, in the end it is a combined effort paying attention to all the little details that helps your web site take on a life of it's own.

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