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Web Hosting and Web Master services
Are included in the design packages that run a year, but when the year is over, you are going to want to keep your web site going. You are more than welcome to stay and enjoy the same Web Hosting and Webmaster services for only $24.50 a month. Or you could choose to transfer your web site and Domain at that time to a server of your choice and manage it yourself. Either way, we at Split Leaf Web Design will help you through the process.

Web Hosting & Maintenance Monthly Service Plan
If you plan to have updates done often, then this package maybe the one for you. It offers Web Hosting, site promotion and a half hour of Labor on your site every month for only $50.00 a month, this offer is on a "Use it, or Lose it" basis, and has no rollover minutes. Your total discount savings with this package, over the normal Hosting and Labor fees (if they were billed separately, based on a half hour of labor) is $144.00 a year. A lot of work can be done in a half hour each month, so this is usually enough for most applications. If more time is needed for your service plan, figure another $25.00 for each half hour added to your monthly plan. Service plans can be up graded at anytime, but only downgraded after 3 months to prevent abuse of this option.

Price of Labor
When you see that dirty little 5 letter word "Extra" used, it means that the particular service does not have a flat fee, and labor is charged on a base rate of $75. an hour, rounded off to the nearest 15 minutes, or $18.75 a quarter hour. Javascript, Spry and other scripting services has a base fee of $100. an hour broken down in increments of time the same as above. See Monthly Service Plan for a better deal.

50 MB of space
Available for only $24.50 a month, which is plenty of room for most web sites. To give you an example of how big a 50 MB space is, this entire web site as it sits now with all 8 pages and images, only takes up 17 MB of space.

Split Leaf provides Domains as part of our packages for the first year, but they have an annual fee of $15.00 that has to be passed onto our customers and added to the hosting bill. Purchasing or Transferring domains has a $25.00 service charge.

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