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Base Rates are used to base labor on, and maynot reflect what you will pay in your package, but keep in mind that add-on's not included in your package will reflect these rates, so do as much on your own as you can.
For Base Rates, click here...

Home Package
(one page)
If all you're looking for is a page on the web to hang your hat...so to speak, then you have come to the right place. One page, a domain .com, a few images (that you provide web ready) & details about you, your hobbies or business, complete with e-mail links yourname@yourname.com, and links to your favorite web hang outs. This includes a year of web hosting, all for only $350.00

Small Business Plan (3 pages)
3 pages, a domain .com, links with an e-mail link yourname@yourname.com text & images (that you provide web ready) about your products or services, with contact and payment information, a customized web form mail (See Contact page) and a year of web hosting and web master, all for only $450.00

Large Business (5 pages)
5 web pages, a domain .com navagation buttons, also including an e-mail link info@yourcompany.com, copy & images about your business or services (that you provide web ready) with contact & payment information, a contact page complete with a automated Mail Form that forwards all of your inquiries directly to your e-mail account, plus a year of web hosting and web master, all for only $750.00

Need more than 5 pages to show case your business?
Add $100.00 per page. "Page Definition" is what you can see in your browser, half a page is still counted as one page. Usually a half page is a contact page with added features such as a custom Flash E-mail Form installed, this is a great feature to screeninquiries without giving up your e-mail address to spambots. This price does noMagic Rabbitt include labor intensive Store Front or shopping cart web sites.

Need a Web Wabbit Pulled Out of a Hat for you?
Don't go away empty handed before you give us a shot, contact us and tell us what your needs and budget are. We may be able to work a little magic, and come up with a plan to make you smile.

Need a new place to park your existing web site?
Split Leaf Hosting and Web Master service is perfect for folks who don't have the time to worry about managing their web site and need capable hands to leave it in. Split Leaf Web Design will keep your links, buttons and all other feature of your pages maintained and operational, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. contact us for details.

Flash Mail Form
With Captcha Security Code Features, to screen your e-mails and stop spambots from finding your e-mail address and filling your box with unsolicited e-mail, you will expearience less spam and more of the mail you need to run your business smoothly. $100.00 see contact us to see how it works.

Logo Design
Split Leaf Logo design service starts at about $250.00, simple designs may cost less going by the hourly rate.

Video Embedding
We have the technology to edit and reformat video into Flash, again this is an extra cost, but well worth the expense when promoting a special product or service in video. All you need is to take the best footage you have, burn it to a CD in WMV format (not DVD) and send it to us by snail mail and we do the rest. Again the price depends on the amount of work involved and is another extra.

  Use your mouse to try and catch the car

Interactive Features, Web Effects, Image Editing & Enhancements
Customized Flash Banners, Slide Shows, Secure Flash E-mail forms, Animated Gifs, Special web Effects, Rollover Images, Photo Editing, Art & Enhancements, and other features that are not mentioned in the packages are extra, the cost usually depending on how complex or labor intensive the design is, contact us for an estimate.

Major overhauls, changing navigation bars & buttons, adding pages, photos, and other interactive features would be extra, unless it's covered under your monthly service plan..

Store Fronts & Shopping Carts
Prices can very depending on how complex your store pages are, how many products you have to sell and how labor intensive it is. You must go to your shopping cart provider such as Pay Pal, your bank, or credit card company and have them walk you through the process of pricing and cataloging buttons by item numbers for each shopping cart. Then copy & paste the code of each shopping cart button they give you to your note pad (put each button on separate note pads), save it by item number, then e-mail them to Split Leaf Web Design for installation with the proper items on your web site. This can be done over time using your monthly service plan to lesson the financial blow of installing them all at once. It would take longer and be less expensive, but it would also cut sales on items with no shopping cart, so you must take this all into consideration. Contact us for an estimate

How is it done?
The Split Leaf Design Team will build your web site to your specifications then post it on our web site and send you a link to your pages for your approval. If there are any changes in the design that you want made, this is the time to do it. Once you have approved the site and made the final payment, it will be posted on your domain and you will be in business.

Split Leaf Webmaster Service
Includes keeping the site running, fixing anything that breaks or no longer works, including maintaining links and navigation buttons when broken. We can also change your background color or texture (at your request), just to keep your site fresh and looking great, all this is part of the webmaster service. Building new pages or adding to existing navigation is Extra and not included in the Webmaster Service.

Customer Provides, all text and images in a digital format, or there can be a conversion fee added. Images should be cropped, sized, edited, extracted, enhanced, numbered, labeled and web ready before they are submitted. We can do it all for you, but most folks don't want to hear that dirty little 5 letter word "Extra" when it comes to labor cost. So to save money... do all that you can on your own, and we'll do the rest. (See Base Rates)

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